Saturday, June 23, 2007

Relief For Spasticity?

A product that helps take the edge off Spasticity? Well, it has for me! I posted a teaser on our message board about this because I have wanted to give it a fair shot. I didn't want to just try the product twice and tell everyone it's great or it stinks.

Let me tell you a bit of history:
I have MS - officially diagnosed last summer. I have been taking Tizanidine/Zanaflex for a couple of years now for tightness, etc. in my legs - primarily my left leg. Most recently - the toes on my left foot are really going nuts. So tight... sometimes I just think they will never feel right again. :(

A great friend of mine owns an online store and he sells vitamins and supplements for endurance athletes, which is something I am sooooo not! LOL! (He has been talking about creating a new area of his site for CAMs (Complimentary & Alternative Meds), which I am very excited about.)
... So, I was wandering through his site and noticed a product called Sportlegs. He had some info that Sportlegs has been known to help with RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome. Well, I do get restless legs...restless body really, but I thought what if this stuff ever helped with spasticity!?On his site, Sportlegs is described (in part) like this:
How's it work?
Taken an hour before sports, SportLegs gently raise your blood lactate level just enough to
prevent your muscles from making more lactic acid than they need. Elevated blood
lactate is the signal which tells muscles not to make so much lactic acid.
Researchers have discovered it's not lactic acid, but lactic acid accumulation,
which is the athlete's real enemy. The result: Your muscles don't make more
lactic acid than they need for you to perform at your very best, with less
painful muscle "burn" during sports, and less soreness afterward.

I thought "what the heck!? My legs burn and spasm!" So - I tried it. Let me also add here that since my insurance benefits have stopped and I have not hopped on the COBRA train yet, I have been OUT of my Zanaflex/Tizanidine for about a month. I was running to the mailbox every day like I was a kid expecting a personal acknowledgement of my letter to Santa from the man himself. I took 3 pills when I got them, and I kid you not - it was the most comfortable evening I have had in a long time. I realized my mind was not CONSTANTLY on the discomfort of my legs and feet, but actually enjoying watching some prime time TV! (probably CSI Miami, but that's another blog post for another day!)

I am not saying they always take the pain away completely. But they really seem to always take the edge off. I suppose it's like anything else - I guess some days my legs/foot bother me more than others, so some days the supplements will seem to work more than others. I can truly say that I have noticed a difference - and ESPECIALLY at a time where I am out of my other meds - I think that speaks volumes. Most of the time I will take them with some Advil.

I highly, highly recommend trying Sportlegs. We are adding a page for product reviews (products other than CC store items) for things like supplements, books, websites, services and other merchandise of interest for the Chronique. We will be sure to put Sportlegs up as soon as we get the page up and running.

Like I said to myself - what did I have to lose? I am really glad I tried it.

Stay Well & Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wow! i have resless leg driving me nuts..I cant sit thru tv or anything either I have fibro cdfs does the warm weather help with pain? I cannot take advil etc...because of stomach problems.I am going to check out sport legs I bookmarked this page ..will pas on to flickr friends too! Thank You Denise ID shabbyharbor xxoo hugs ouch!!

Kimberly, CC said...

Hi Denise! I am so glad you found us! I hope they take the edge off for you. It's amazing what my standard for relief is now and what it was "back in the day" slight discomfort is ALWAYS better than A LOT of discomfort!

I will check out your site! You should come see us at Whimsy Business I think you will fit right in! email me at if you are interested in promoting your store there!