Friday, July 27, 2007

An Activist In The Making

I am really not the activist type, but this topic really has me going....

Simply put - with me out of work and facing Cobra for insurance coverage, my sister, roomie and Chronique Couture co-owner Allyson asked HR at her "day job" about having me added to her health insurance. Since Allyson and I are blood relatives, this is a no-can-do. If we were say...lesbian lovers, we would be hooked up. I have NOTHING against the lifestyles of lesbians, and gay men, and I am really glad that the gay community can enjoy this benefit where it's available - (and it should always be available) - I would never begrudge them their right..... but I find it down right frustrating that my sister and I contribute to society, pay taxes, and have a "solid relationship" that has gone on for oh...31 years. We have lived together now for about 6 years, I guess. Longer than many relationships last (unfortunately) gay or straight. As previously mentioned, I am about to have to start paying Cobra to the tune of $550 a month for insurance. (I should have already, I just keep putting it off!)

Don't get me wrong. I know guidelines would have to be put in place to cut down on abuse of the system if health benefits became available to blood relatives or long time roomates and couples who are not gay. If people have lived together for a week.... sure, maybe they wait a bit. There should be min period of time before they can benefit from the others insurance. But our 6 years would meet any guideline, I am sure?!

Click the link to see some pretty common language describing a same sex domestic parntership. It's an affidavit used by Ball State University, but it looks a lot like the one we saw from my sister's company, NNN. (Not picking on BSU, just came up in a Google search) :)

I just think there is something very wrong with the system and I wish I knew where to start to try to change it. I get tired going to the grocery store sometimes, let alone taking on Capitol Hill! :)

Maybe this will change one day. Maybe if we make changes now, people in the same situation that come down the pike will not have to struggle and will not have to be descriminated against when it comes to healthcare if they are single, living with a friend and not gay. Not to say these benefits are available to gay couples everywhere, they should be, but where they are, I think some changes need to be made to make the system fair.

Perhaps it's time for me to write my congressman. :)

Be well!

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Anonymous said...

My sisters in law were in the same position, however, since both had been married (one divorced, one widowed), they had different last names. The sister in law who was employed simply registered the other one as "her domestic partner" no questions were asked. Of course they were cheating, but no one really got hurt and like you they had had a long standing relationship and had lived together for several years.