Friday, November 24, 2006

What IS Chronique Couture!?

Hello and welcome to ChroniBlog!

I wanted to start out with an introduction of who I am and what Chronique Couture and ChroniBlog is all about!
My name is Kimberly and I was diagnosed with MS in June of 2006. The diagnosis was about 5 years in the making and really came as no surprise. I started Copaxone, a daily self injection, disease modifying drug in September. After my official diagnosis, I began to see that the "things" I use daily either because I have to or to stay comfortable are UGLY!!! I am a 34 year old woman darn it! No diagnosis is going to steel my girly-girl-ness! I want something to cover my Sharps container that is chic and fun so I don't have to think "hazardous medical waste" every time I look at it...which is every day! I want products that warm my feet, assist my mobility and carry my personal Chronique effects to be darn cute! Fun to look at, not CLINICAL. There is plenty of time for that clinical look when we go to see our docs - not at home! ...And so was born Chronique Couture. The concept being not only adding some girly pizazz to the things I have mentioned, but also offering items that all of us girly-girls want! Not just the Chronique ones! So, we will be carrying Skinny Minnie/Vanilla Sugar clothing - and that's just to start! Frankie & Johnny PJs, Bedhead, and looking at other PJ lines as well. Beautiful purses, totes and just random fun stuff. We have unique stationary, paper goods, bling for your pets, accessories, etc. We have some mighty fun ideas up our sleeve that I just can't wait to roll out. CC is having some hum drum paraphernalia iced out by Crystal Icing that will lend a whole new sparkle to the daily Chronique grind! My partnership (and the great friendship that preceded it) with Little Miss Perfect, Lisa Friedl will truly cover all bases. Those of you with infants and kids, or if you are expecting, get ready for some fun, unique and handmade options for baby and mama! Also a partner is my sister, Allyson Flynn. You can expect to see newsletters and blog updates from Allyson. The creativity genes all went to my sister, Ally! Lisa and Allyson's partnership and support is invaluable and so appreciated. There are no 2 people I would rather be in partnership with.
Oh, and one of the most important things: I intend to set up agreements with a different chronic illness society/association each quarter (to start out, eventually each month). The spotlight association/society will receive a portion of proceeds from sales for that quarter. I hope to be able to promote clearly on the boutique website who our spotlight of the quarter/month is on. We are all about giving back at Chronique Couture! While making the best of being Chronique - finding cures would sure be nice!
Don't just have a chronic illness, be
Chroniquely Illin'!

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