Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, we're getting there!

Hello & Happy Wednesday!

It doesn't feel much like a Wednesday after the holiday weekend.....I will be confused on what day of the week it is through the first week of January with the Holiday Season being upon us. I love this time of year! 34 years old and I still believe wholeheartedly in the magic of this Christmas season. Or if you prefer...Holiday Season!

I have got to fill my Chronique Faves list with some of the all time great Christmas movies that I am sure we have all seen a number of times that is equivalent to the number of years we have been living! If you have not seen the version of
"A Christmas Carol" (1938)with Reginal Owen as Ebby, you must check it out! This movie will make you want to fill up on figgy pudding, a steamin' cup of Cratchit's punch and then, you in your kerchief & I in my sash, swing open the proverbial shutters, throw up the sash and proclaim to the world "God bless us, every one!!!!" ;p
And please, please....see this one in black & white.....seeing it in color is just plain wrong!

We are working diligently to stock the store font for you.

We are finalizing the artwork, making last revisions for the Chronique Couture boutique website being created by Elaine Biss from Hip N Chic Web Designs. She had finished our beautiful logo and from what I have seen thus far of our landing page....well, I just can't wait until I can share it with you!

We have some fun ideas, but the name of this game is finding out what YOU, the ChroniGal wants. Please post here on the ChroniBlog or shoot us an email at
if there is a chronically ugly item that you want to transform into a Chronique head turner!

We have beatiful walking sticks (if you don't see exactly what you like, DJ can customize it for you), walker bags, along with adorable "normal" bags and totes that are waaaay cute! Very chic! We have some wonderful Sonoma Lavender products that you pop in the microwave to heat up then "apply as needed", or "where needed". I am using my super cute foot warmers from SL as well as a really great wrap that fits perfectly over my neck and shoulders. The aroma of the lavender is just amazing and the heat on my 34 year old neck and shoulders that sometimes feels like 95 year old neck and shoulders is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l! Sonoma Lavender is sooooo pretty to look at too! I don't want to hide it if company is coming!
We have sent some prefilled syringe cases that look like pens up to Crystal Icing in New York to be iced out! I can't wait to see the finished product! Almost makes a gal want to have to carry a prefilled syringe! ;) We have Classic Hardware personal & pill boxes and beautiful medical ID jewelry. We have more that we are working on and plan to come out with new things all the time as we receive suggestions from my Chronique friends, namely YOU.

In addition to the items we want/need for comfort and treatment, we are going to have plenty of fun, girly, whimsical, chic, hip and stylish too! We are carrying Skinny Minnie & Vanilla Sugar clothes and working on some other fun casual lines to add. Bedhead PJs and Patricia Green slippers so a day in your PJs can feel a bit more like a day in your PJs at the Four Seasons Hotel! We have fun stationary, bath & body products, even some adorable things for the "hostess with the mostess" like coffee and tea sets by Hues n Brews.

I suppose this is the way I look at it, simply put: Imagine you are home for the day...whether you are having a chronic yuk day, playing hookie from work or school, or getting cozy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's cold out, and you are watching your favorite movie or show, listening to music or reading your favorite book....look around.....what is around you? Are you sipping hot cocoa? Are you cozy under the warmest blanket ever? Feet propped up and sporting super chic slippers? Neck comfortably nestled in a warm neck pillow that is relaxing and is taking the edge off of the pain?
......this "imagine if you will" works too: You are out with friends and you whip out your insulin or your MS drug filled syringe that is stored in a sparkling iced out case that turns the heads of the likes of the Hollywood rich & famous! Let's not even talk about the cool Vanilla Sugar track suit you might be sporting...they'll be asking for your autograph!

We're Chronique darn it, and we're going to have some flippin' fun with it!

What's your vision? What is it you want that can turn the chronically clinical into the Chroniquely Fabulous!?
Please send your suggestions and special requests!

We hope to be up and running next week.
Sign up for the Chroniquels newsletter if you have not already and we will send you a message providing a heads up as to the official opening day as well as a discount code to use when you stop by the boutique.

Remember ChroniGals:

We are all in this together & for goodness sakes...stay

Chroniquely Illin'!!!

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