Monday, May 14, 2007

Chronique Couture ~ Now Open!

Well, it's feels like it's been a long time coming....but...we are open for business! We are thrilled to finally open the virtual doors and welcome you into our boutique.

This "running your own business" thing is tough work! I am used to being "the sales girl" or "the phone girl" or "the marketing girl", etc. Well, now I, along with my partners Allyson & Lisa - we are all wearing a variety of hats! From the IT hat to the advertising hat....the last 6 months or so has been a real education. All of the hard work put in to Chronique Couture makes it that much more satisfying now to open the doors.

If you have read the updates here before, you know what the concept of our store is. The tag line is Tres Chic for the Chronically Unique and that says a mouth full! We feel strongly that a chronic disease or illness should not rob a woman of her "girlyness". It's important to hold onto our sense of self; keep it in tact as it was before our diagnosis.

We hope Chronique Couture can add a pleasant twist to otherwise not-so-pleasant circumstances. Know how beautiful you are and pamper yourself - because you deserve it.

Be sure to visit our message board - Cafe Chronique. Super cute!

I am going to make a real effort to utilize this blog for updates regarding Chronique Couture, but also to use it as a diary of sorts for thoughts and feelings I have currently and have had along the way before and since my diagnosis of MS back in June 2006.

Be well!

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